We offer a high degree of flexibility and are able to provide custom-designed systems to match your individual needs.

“Post-tensioning, or PT, has become increasingly popular over the past 30 years or so as the technology has been perfected. At one time there were problems with corrosion of the cables, especially in deicing-salt-laden parking structures, but better materials and construction methods (plus good training and certification programs) have eliminated most problems.

The applications for post-tensioning are almost endless, but what holds it back is the lack of experience among designers and builders. In an article in Structure magazine (PDF), Gerard Feldman noted that “Most engineers have only a cursory overview of post tensioning in

college…this unfamiliarity creates a bias towards conventional reinforced concrete structures.”

Source: http://www.concretenetwork.com/post-tension/advantages.html

Our focus in building design is concrete structures, in particular, post-tensioned buildings, parking structures, ground supported slabs, and various floor systems. The scope of the work covers the gravity and seismic design of new structures and the retrofitting of existing buildings

EPT is your design/build partner and we are committed to meet the increasing demands of various projects, particularly specialised in fast track projects.

It is our job to ensure the success of our clients’ projects by working collaboratively with contractors, architects, and owners when developing the structural engineering aspects of a project, from the conceptual stage to completion.

Building Structures
Concrete buildings and parking structures
Podium slabs, deep transfer slabs and beams
Mild reinforced and post-tensioned
Mat and post-tensioned slab on grade foundations

Bridge Structures
Design and construction phase analysis of bridges.
Incrementally launched
Cable stayed
Balanced cantilever
Curved box girder
Precast-prestressed spliced girders with topping slabs
Geometry control during construction of bridges

Post-Tensioned slab has many advantages over conventional reinforced concrete slab. It can achieve longer spans between columns this reduces the number of columns required. The slab can be thinner therefore the weight of the building is lighter and as a result it saves the builder to do footing and excavation works. The early stripping form work improves the speed of construction for a multi-story building significantly.

The transfer slabs are one of the most important slabs of a building as they support the structures above. With Post-Tensioned transfer loads, the Post-Tensioned cables are used to counteract to balance the heavy imposed loads. The choices of 12.7 and 15.2 strands are used to minimize the deflection, slab thickness and reinforcement required on the transfer slabs. The builder has achieved more headroom and minimum material handling on a construction site.

It is common to have Reinforced-concrete slab and Post-Tensioned slab together in the same deck. The slab will be designed and constructed to the Concrete Structure Code AS3600.

A Post-tensioned slab on grade has many advantages over conventional reinforcements. The joints are very minimum (depends on the area of the slab), this reduces the costly dowels using and cracking problem. The Post-Tensioned slab is thinner which reduce the construction time for clients. It has longer designed life span. The example applications of Post-Tensioned slab on grade are warehouse, civil building, freight centers, sport court etc.

The Post-Tensioned liquid retaining structures are used in advanced application such as liquid gas processing, water storage, etc. The tank is thinner and lighter than conventional Reinforced- concrete. The Post-Tensioned liquid retaining structures are waterproof structures and designed to withstand the horizontal and vertical water loads (both empty an full ) and earthquake loads to AS3735.


We provide cost-effective solutions across a wide range of structures and applications including apartments, office blocks, parking garages, schools, stadiums, storage tanks, parking lots?

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